WIWW: Brown Tangerines & No-Heat Curls Update!


Blazer – Old Navy, Sweater – JCP, Pants & Flats – Target, Scarf – Big Lots

This business casual look started off with the tangerine sweater and brown pants, but then I remembered it isn’t summer yet so I needed to find another layer at least. That’s when I rediscovered this closet orphan: a brown plaid blazer from Old Navy I picked up years ago. I threw on this scarf I picked up at Big Lots of all places and called it good! I’ve got some slight pattern mixing going on here!! 😉

Brown Tangerine

I’m still rockin’ the no-heat curls method I found via Pinterest! This Twisty No-heat curls method has been super easy for me, and again I wanted to point out that it may work so well for me because I already have curly/wavy/frizzy hair.

I thought I would pass along some tips & tricks I’ve picked up for this method in case you would like to give it a try as well. Here goes….

I usually shower and wash my hair at night – it just works for me. When I wash my hair I can either blow it out straight, sleep on it and it’s nice and smooth the next morning OR I use the no-heat curls method.

1. I use some type of smoothing cream from about midway down on my hair to the ends while it’s wet. Not at the roots or it ends up looking greasy – yuck! (I’m currently using one from Suave, but it changes all the time so I don’t have a specific brand that I stick with or anything).
2. I section off the shorter layers around my face from the longer layers down my back so that I have 4 sections total. Caveman calls me Pippy Long-stockings if that gives you an idea!
3. DO NOT (at least for me) coil up into mini-buns around my head – horrific things happen, i.e. frizzy city!!!
4. Continue to re-coil throughout the evening, night. I’m not sure about you but I wake up for various reasons throughout the night and when I do I just finger comb the coils back into place.
5. Next morning – turn your head upside down and blast the roots, it adds just the right amount of volume.
6. Then I turn myself right side up and use a round brush to blow out my part. This helps the part to be not as noticeable and again added volume.
7. Throughout the day continue to finger comb curls back, away from face. That’s it!

It’s really a super easy hairstyle to achieve with great results. I hope you’ll let me know if you give it a try!

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19 thoughts on “WIWW: Brown Tangerines & No-Heat Curls Update!

  1. Love these colors together! My daughter did the no heat curls thing this week too. They look awesome!

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