Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there!!

Kisses, Mom, little boys

Kisses and Squeeze-y Hugs are the Best!

It’s been three & a half years since my life was forever altered and I became “Mommy”, currently “Mommy Spinosaurus!” – Caveboy has dubbed us the Spinosaurus Family. 😉

eat_it, dandelion, little boys

Pretending to eat the dandelion!

I will never forget the joy of being pregnant and getting to “take him to work with me!” or his birth and the way he just stared at me after delivery – while I was completely overwhelmed, silently wondering if I could give him back because I wasn’t sure I was cutout to be his Mom. The joy of nursing this little mewing bundle of sweetness, his 1st smile, 1st laugh, 1st steps, 1st words and the 1st time he read a street sign to me unprompted at 12 months old!

rolling Hay, little boys

Rolling Hay!

Being a Mom has evolved with each and every new milestone, new age, heck – each new day! Being a Mom is the hardest challenge I have ever faced. I see my personality reflected back at me daily and sometimes – I don’t like what I see, so I change it. I want so badly to get this right. I want so badly to help mold him and shape him into the Godly man he will someday be. I know today the foundation is being laid for tomorrow. I’m not always the patient, gentle, kind, or considerate Mom I should be; but there is a little boy and a wonderful man and my Savior in Heaven who love me, forgive me and help me to be those things. I am forever grateful & humbled!

wild_hair, bathtime

Clean as new!

Caveboy has been amazing to watch as he has grown into his own unique personality. I constantly remind myself to step back and let him grow. He challenges me every day, tries my patience until I’m not sure I can take any more and then says, “I love you Mommy Spinosaurus!” and of course I melt. 😀

Caveman came home late from work the other day and Caveboy ran to him and wrapped his arms around him with an enthusiastic “Daddy, you’re home! I love you!”. To which Caveman turned to look at me and say, “There’s nothing better, is there?”. There really isn’t!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

To Nana: Happy Mother’s Day!! Thank you for all that you do for our little guy and for all you’ve done for me too! XOXO

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