Monday, Monday: Gingham, Yellow & Cobalt

I’ve officially declared that it’s Yellow Week in honor of Marion‘s May Trend of the Month Challenge.


I plan to bring you a Yellow inspired outfit each day this week! That’s a pretty tall order for me, especially since…. while sitting with Caveboy this morning, getting in a little cartoon watching before our day begins and I have no idea what I will wear today!! Um, I hate to say this again, but Pinterest to the rescue!!!! 😀


I was thinking I wanted to wear my gingham shirt but with what and how I had no idea, so naturally I searched for gingham. I ran across this Pin from Emerald’s blog Sunday Crossbow. I have to stop right here and say, I love Emerald’s style and I’m so sad she isn’t blogging much anymore! I also saw this Pin, plus a few more and somehow the stars & planets aligned and everything just clicked to come up with this outfit!


I added the wide black belt for an instant faux peplum, also making this shirt look more like a jacket. Oh and what do you think about the blue toes? Keep ’em or loose ’em? I’m diggin’ them for now. They’re just so spring-y!


I know you recently saw me in cobalt with these yellow accessories, but humor me! I’m working with what I’ve got and attempting not to worry about what I don’t have yet! 😉

Point: don’t worry about what you don’t have; work with what you’ve got!


Are you guys interested in a tutorial on how I created my necklace? There are so many tutorials out there and I really don’t want to bore you trying to reinvent the wheel. One thing I did different that most other tutorials out there is I used leather strips instead of a chain or ribbon, so technically that is something new I could show you. I have a few more in the works in various colors. They are really cute and it’s a cheap way to use up scraps of fabric.

Coincidentally these were my Mother’s Day flower hand picked by Caveboy!!


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