June’s Trend of the Month Announced!

Just a quick pop-in today to let you know that Marion announced this month’s Trend of the Month Challenge!
Show us your maxi
OK, I’m sure this is not a shock to any of you since you have never seen me wear a maxi here on the old blog, BUT I don’t actually own a Maxi anything! Not a skirt or dress! I did however cut out a pattern for a maxi dress I’ve had for years, a few months back in some beautiful fabric. So now all I need to do is finish it! Maybe I’ll get in some late night sewing this weekend?? Here’s hoping cause I’d really like to link up next week with my new maxi dress!

Do you have a Maxi and want to show it off too? Here’s How It Works…IT’S AS EASY AS 1 – 2 – 3!:

1) In the middle of every month, Marion announces a new trend that is either here or forthcoming. You’ll have 1 week to pull together a style and take photos.

2) When the date arrives, simply link-up your specific post using the link widget Marion provides on Marionberry Style. This MUST be a NEW post…please don’t link old blog posts.

3) PLEASE link back to Marionberry Style from your site so this “Trend of the Month Challenge” stuff makes sense to your readers. Plus it’s the kind thing to do and helps spread the word!


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