Amazing Christmas Deals!

Yes, it would seem I’m breaking my radio silence to bring you some amazing deals from Amazon just in time for Christmas!


This year I told Caveman I really wanted a bracelete for Christmas. So I found a few great examples on Pinterest, showed them to him and asked if he would visit a local jewelry shop to purchase them. He decided he didn’t want to make any purchases without my approval so we visited the jewelry shop together this weekend, with a sicker-than-we-thought Caveboy intow. At the shop the prices were REALLY high and Caveboy was definitely sicker-than-we-thought! So….when we got home and I looked up some braceletes on Amazon and found this beauty.


This year has been really hard picking out the special something for Caveboy! He went around telling everyone he was getting an iPad until I finally got him to understand that iPad’s are just a little too much for a 4-year old! He loves dinosaurs but lately he’s also been getting interested in matchbox cars. I decided to search for matchbox racetracks at and what do you think I came across? This amazing (doesn’t require batteries, got great reviews from other customers, & doesn’t make any additional sounds) dino-matchbox-racetrack! He’s gonna love it! I threw in some other dinosaur related books, stamps and temporary dino tatoos for fun and I’m calling it done!


Caveman asked specifically for one of these babies, way back in the summer so how could I refuse?!

We’ve gotten free shipping on most all the orders and some amazing deals are going on right now. If you are still needing a last minute gift but can’t get out to the stores, head on over to now. Here’s the ordering cutoffs as of 12/16!


I’ll be back later this week with a few reveiws and our Christmas Card this year!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated links. All opinions are my own!


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