So last week I declared my word of the year would be JOY and I would be taking the #JoyDare and actively following along with the #JesusProject. Then I was over at The Nesters and saw she was declaring an UN-WORD for the year as well! I love this idea and there are too many to count that I could declare but I believe I’ve narrowed down the root of the problem.

unavailable no more

UN-AVAILABLE: That’s my UN-WORD for 2014.

If I’m unavailable I can become easily annoyed when someone or something needs my time. When I’m unavailable my guys aren’t enjoying me and I’m completely missing out. If I’m unavailble my time, time with my little guy (who will only be little once!) and my big guy (who gives so much to keep our home running smoothly) is slipping away. I certainly don’t want to look back on this time from some distant point in the future and realize too late that I was unavailable and missed out.

Accountability – I want to come back to this space each month (this is subject to change) and give an update on how I’m doing with this. I’ve already implemented a NO-phone/internet/social media at night when I’m with my family, multi-task as much as possible (you’d be surprised in how many areas you aren’t really implementing this…), play and engage my guys more and finally, just plain leaving the chores until after Caveboy’s bed-time. As I learn new ways to better utilize my time or any tips/tricks I’ll be sure to share.

My UN-WORD reiterates my goals for 2014 to become a better person/wife/mother. So far…I’ve gotten a little better and claimed small victories, but I’ve also fallen flat on my face. This post right here…it will grab you by the throat and shove the mirror of truth right up in your face, then explain how to find restoration for you and your child. Love this lady’s insights and I’m her newest follower. Be sure to check her out!!


My 2014 Un-word: Un-Available

2 thoughts on “My 2014 Un-word: Un-Available

  1. Hi, Monica! Joy and Unavailable. I can so relate to both. And how much more will our joy increase as we intentionally choose to cast off our unavailable attitudes?! Love it.

    And thanks so much for reading my post on discontentment as part of Ann Voskamp’s linkup last weekend. I appreciate your thoughtful comment and hope you will visit me again soon.


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