Christmas at our house, er cave…

Speaking of looking like Christmas yesterday, we decorated this past weekend. Now Caveman is kinda the Grinch when it comes to Christmas trees. He hates the commercialism surrounding them and thinks that it can take away the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus! This is the first year Caveboy has been interested in Christmas trees though, like “so excited – can’t stand it” interested. Every time he see’s a Christmas tree no matter where it is magazine, shop-window, our neighbor’s yard (that’s been up and lit since Halloween – I kid-u-not), he exclaims “Christmas Tree”!!!!!

When Caveboy was a baby my in-laws declared he needed a Christmas tree and bought him a 3-footer. This has been the perfect tree for us. He loved looking at the lights on the tree his  first Christmas when he was 3 months old and especially this year at 2 & a quarter! Last year when he was 15 months old we didn’t put up the little tree but he enjoyed Christmas lights on our fireplace just the same. I’ve never gone all out decorating this little guy, even though I have 2 plastic totes in the attic of pre-Caveman Christmas ornaments and decorations. Most of the ornaments that I use can be stored in the skinny box the tree comes in, so without further delay I give you our Christmas tree this year.

I made Caveboy’s hand-print Christmas ornament when he was 3 months old. I made a bunch of them and gave them out as Christmas gifts that year. I searched everywhere for finger paint, but couldn’t seem to find anything that year except “gel” finger paint. It worked, just not really well. 😦

All we did last year, as mentioned before, was hang lights like this on the fireplace. We all liked it so well we did it again this year. It’s the perfect place to hang Christmas cards and to keep little hands from touching the lights or cards. We are always sad to take them down because it gives off such a warm glow at night. It gets even better with a roaring fire in there too! I’ll post some photos when we have a fire soon. It’s getting cold here this week with possible snow!

See these pillows? I’m so proud of these, I made them last weekend. OK, so I actually made the green knit panel a few years ago when I when through a cable-knit purses phase, but I never got around to turning this one into a purse, so now its a new pillow. I took some cheap plain white material and made “slip-covers” for my existing pillows then got busy and created the nicer covers using the cable-knit panel and some remnant fabric I found recently (I always check the remnant bins at Joann’s & Hobby Lobby). Both covers are removable so I can change things up for the spring and summer.

This was how Caveboy & I started out the evening last night; however this didn’t last long because Caveboy need a bath after 20 or so minutes with the play-dough and then Mommy had to clean up said play-dough, but there was lots of snuggles before bed-time!

PS: Do you like the new blog header and background? I thought I’d really get into the Christmas spirit this year, LOL!


Resurfacing again

It inevitably happens, life ends up getting in the way of my blogging time, LOL! Between end-of-the-year deadlines at work, a certain Caveboy turning 2 and going out of town for work, something has to take a backseat. Still throwing together semi-cute outfits just not photographing and blogging any of them. I actually finished a refashion the other night. I got intimidated really quickly by the green sweater, so I thought I better start with something easy first – a simple refit. Here is the baggy & droopy before of the sweater.

I took a large sweater (actually more like an XL) to a medium. It’s not perfect, but it is certainly wearable and looks so much better.

I used this sweater as my guide.

I laid it down over the other and pinned where I wanted to sew.The pins are kinda hard to see, but you get the idea. I used a zig-zag stitch because i knew it would be stretchy (no photos of this step, and I know you are thanking me for that one). Then when I knew everything would fit, I cut off the excess and did another zig-zag stitch around the edges. If only I had a serger, this would have been much quicker! Maybe someday… 😉

Here is the finished sweater. You may not be able to tell much of a difference, but I certainly can. It wears better now and went from droopy to fitted in less than an hour.

Planning Another Refashion

I’m having too much fun posting about my outfits and recent thrift finds. I really enjoyed refashioning the thrifted shirt recently so I thought I would keep the ball rolling with this thrifted sweater.

I got this sweater recently and I wore it for the 21 Day Challenge here. I wore it again today, but it is just too long. See? It’s certainly not curve hugging in a good way.

I’m not happy with the bright green rump, so I’m going to refashion it. I plan to cut off the bottom and then sew a turned hem. It might turn into a rolled hem though. With the left over fabric I want to make a ruffled flower. I’m also going to sew the front shut with the exception of the top two buttons. The belt that came with this sweater might just become a flower too, ’cause I don’t think it will ever be used as a belt!

Day 21: Final Day! Work It!

I have had so much fun with this 21 Day Fashion Challenge! I want to do it all over again even though it was a lot of work. Whew!

Jacket – Old Navy * Shirt – newly Thrifted * Pants – JCPenney’s * Shoes – Pay-less

Kinda funny, but I really didn’t give that much thought to all the different style elements that were in this outfit when I put it together this morning. I guess I learned a thing or two from this challenge!It was rainy and cold perfect for trying out a new fall outfit. For all the different elements in this outfit, I would still only rate it as OK. I wanted more color with the pale yellow blouse, but nothing seemed to be working. Maybe next time. I’m going to keep challenging myself with my outfits but I don’t think I’ll post them every day, maybe just a few times a week or once for all the weeks outfits. We’ll see because it has been fun!

Day 20: Sunday Shoes on a Saturday?!

One more day and this challenge will be over. I’m sad but also kinda relieved. This has been lots of work to plan outfits, take the photos, then get Caveboy to let me move photos from camera to computer to jump-drive, etc. BUT I’ve also had loads of fun and I’ve seen a few things in my closet in a new and completely different way. I did take photos for this challenge, but they turned out horrid and I will not be posting those on the blog for all to see. But you do get this one instead…

Patent Leather Sandals – Pay-less

These are one of the new pair of sandals Caveman bought for me earlier this summer. I wear them all the time because they are so comfortable. They add just enough oomph to a casual outfit to make it dressy or just make a dressy outfit better!