Labor Day weekend update and a hand-knit gift!!

Here’s a mosiac of me over the past few weeks.

1. 33wks, 2. 36wks, 3. 37wks-side, 4. BW-cradlingHands. Created with fd’s Flickr Toys. I’m certainly getting bigger and less mobile as I get closer to the due date (Sept. 20 – in case you forgot). So far so good with the pregnancy. We had an appointment with the midwives Wednesday. They did all the typical stuff – weight me, measure the belly, took the blood pressure and so far everything is normal. We are all just waiting on Cavebaby to make his grand appearance. I helped Caveman some yesterday. He washed the vehicles and I dried them with the chami cloth, then we washed the dogs – which consisted of me holding the dog while he washed. After all that I needed a rest!

Next up, Cavebaby received his first hand-knitted gift!! Isn’t it beautiful? Jessi over at Alabama Fiber Dreams made this beautiful baby vest.

She used the Pebble Baby Vest pattern found here and on Ravelry, in Hempwol. As soon as Caveman saw it, he declared he needed a matching vest too, in Hempwol. So I guess I better get busy making him either a matching vest or a full grown version of Cobblestone (Ravelry)! LOL Cavebaby has received some beautiful gifts, a few of which I will show in my next post.

I finally got the Coast Guard quilt done for Cavebaby and as proof here are photos of the front and back:

1. Cavebaby’s_quilt, 2. Cavebaby’s-quilt-back. Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

The front is an exact replica of what the US Coast Guard logo and stripe looks like on the ship. We even got the angle of the stripe as exact as possible at 64 degrees. Caveman is so proud of this quilt. He really helped alot with the design and the assembly.  I used a fusible cotton batting instead of the polyfil stuff. The fusible cotton batting is really cool and helped so much with keeping everything together. It is really easy to use too, you just but all the pieces together as you normally would for assembling a quilt and then iron them together. If you need to you can peel up the quilt material and reiron. I highly recommend this stuff. I also finished the crib skirt yesterday that matches, but I just don’t have any photos yet. It is raining today so maybe I will work on the bumper pad and/or diaper bag.

I can’t believe that summer is over already and that fall is here. I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. I’ll be back soon with more photos and knitting/sewing progress.


Garn Studio/Drops Jacket Let Down & Valentines…

***Warning: Long, Picture Heavy Post***

Knitting News: So as you know I’ve been working on the famous Drops Jacket from 2007. I used Canary Knit’s mods found here & here (she made two). It was bound to happen at some point and I haven’t had a dud with my knitting in a long time, but I am really not happy with how mine turned out. I’m pretty sure the reason is because I used a bulky yarn instead of a worsted weight yarn when following Canary Knits mods. Anyway we need some photos as proof.

Front, meh..

Front open – a little better, but not much…

The back doesn’t look too bad, but I’m not crazy about this one at all.

So after looking on Ravelry I’m considering going with the Lion Neck Cardigan or the other recent hit on Ravelry, Owls. Which ever I choose it will be awhile before I start because this is going back into a drawer while I finish up a few other WIPs and get going on Caveman’s Leo sweater for the March/April installment of Project Spectrum 2009. This year’s Project Spectrum sounds and looks really interesting. If you haven’t checked it out yet, hop on over to Lolly’s blog, she does a fabulous job of explaining it.

Baby News: I’m really thinking I want to make the crib/nursery stuff. I saw some material at Hobby Lobby a couple of weekends ago that I liked, but I on Valentine’s Day Caveman took me to JoAnn’s Fabrics to check out their selection as well. The nursery fabrics were slightly on sale and so were their patterns. So I ended up buying the nursery sewing pattern from Simplicity that I wanted and a yard each of some really cute fabrics, both are really gender neutral. Now I need to buy a few coordinating fabrics  for the crib bumpers and blanket, and lots of cottons and flannels to make the sheets. My cousin was telling me how expensive the fitted crib sheets were, so when I purchased the nursery pattern I was relieved when I noticed there was a fitted sheet pattern included!

Also on Saturday, aside from receiving a gorgeous bouquet (above) from Caveman (that he designed and assembled himself), he took me to Babies R Us to check out and get acquainted with some baby gear. The grandparents have said they wanted to help purchase a few things and they are so excited we thought we would get a jump on looking and choosing some things. We found the perfect baby furniture that will grow with the baby. We also sat in a couple of rocking chairs and a perused the strollers. There was another couple there and boy were they on a mission! She looked like delivery was still a month off or so, but they were buying a stroller that day and no one was getting in their way. LOL

Pregnancy News: I’m not sure if you can tell from the photos above but I do have a tiny bump. LOL In those photos I was 8 weeks along. I’m 9 now and there isn’t much difference. 😀 The nausea has worsened over the last week or so, but it’s still not that bad. Caveman is wonderful though, he will rub my belly or my back @ anytime, day or night. He is so sweet! 😉 We both are having mood swings and I cry over anything – you know its like having PMS all the time now. LOL! So we are taking it day by day and enjoying it more and more. We tried yesterday to hear the heartbeat and we faintly could with a stethoscope. It is reassuring to me and fun for Caveman too.

I think that’s all for now. I have tried multiple times to post this into bloggiland but everytime I get sidetracked or can’t find the photos I want, etc. Hopefully I’ll make smaller post over the next few weeks. 🙂 Happy Knitting everyone!! I hope your Valentine’s Day was extra special!

Dishcloths, Scubbies, & Bibs

First, let me say Thank you to Michelle and her hubby, who is now known as the Tamer of The Beasts! Michelle had her 2 year blogiversary this week and to celebrate she had a contest to come up with a great name for her hubby on her blog. She always mentions her Beasts; Dog: Nimitz, Cats: Callie & Peaches in her posts, so I entered the “Tamer of the Beasts” as a name and they picked my entry! Thanks guys!! It was a lot of fun to be involved in naming her hubby!! When I receive my package I will be sure to post pictures of all the goodies. 😉

Soon to be Kitchen Scrubbies

Had you guys heard about these scrubbies? There are loads of them on Ravelry! Anyway one of the blogs I read posted about making scrubbies (different pattern) on Earth day and I thought I would give it a try. Sponges are bad for the environment and I needed a dishcloth too, so the yarn up there will get purposed for a couple of each.

Boy Baby Bibs

These (above) will get turned into a couple of Boy themed Baby Bibs. Then these (below) will be a couple of girlie ones…

Girl Baby Bibs

I’m going to need to see the pink & green yarn knitted up first, ’cause I’m not completely sold on it as a girlie bib.

Well laundry and other house-keeping chores are calling my name again, but I think I’ll just go knit a few rows first! LOL Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Holidays = stress!

I finished up everything for work today, so now I can focus on preparing for the holidays. Or in other words it’s crunch time on finishing the knitted gifts. Maybe I would get these done except I keep adding more to my list! I decided to make my Grandparents a neck-warmer that they could button instead of trying to keep up with a scarf. I searched for some patterns on Ravelry and came up with a couple I liked. This one is my favorite and I’m making it in some brown wool for my grandpa. I haven’t even started it yet – hehe! I really liked Cherry Garcia from Hello Yarn, but I didn’t want my grandma to have to put it over her head. So I modified the pattern for buttons and I switched up the cables with some of my own creations. I just have one more repeat before this one is complete.

Yellow Garcia Neck Warmer

Earlier this week I realized I didn’t have any buttons for said neck-warmers, so Caveman & I went on a pilgrimage to the big city this afternoon for buttons…and some other things of course. 😉 Boy were we dumb for doing that! After sitting in crazy traffic for an hour or two we finally made it to Joann’s where I found these beauties!

Brown Swirly Buttons These are for the Yellow Garcia

& these are for the Brown Chevron.

Horn Buttons

How are the other Christmas WIPs coming you might ask? Well just swimmingly of course! I finished off the bottom of Rusted Root. Now I just need to fix the neckline, then wash, block and gift wrap. My Knit Picks order arrived yesterday – yippee! So now I can finally finish off the Pirate hats. I guess I better get moving!

On a side note regarding the Knit Picks order: I bought some Shadow in the color Redwood Forest Heather (it’s on sale) – this is a beautiful chocolate brown with some burgundy red too. I also got some of the Alpaca Cloud (also on sale) in Sunlight Heather and as I was hoping it’s more of a creamy white color. I will try to photograph these in the sunlight soon so you can really see the colors.

On another important note: With the holidays and the unstable housing interest rates please be aware of scams and thieves calling your homes this holiday season. Yesterday we got a call on our home phone. We usually let the answering machine get the calls to our house, but sometimes if we are home we will answer. We mostly take calls on our cell phones though, anyway – Caveman answered and the woman on the other end told him that she was from our mortgage company and they were calling select customers to see if we qualified to refinance our loan. She then told him that the night before the government had given the mortgage companies some money to help boost the rates or something to that effect. Then she said she was going to start recording the call and she was going to transfer him to someone else. At that point she wanted him to verify some of our information while the call was being recorded. This is when hubby promptly hung up!

He turned around and told me about the call and while we were discussing what the woman had said, it hit the both of us that the call was actually a scam! I told him to call our mortgage company’s customer service and alert them to the scam. We don’t have caller ID so we didn’t have a phone number for the scammers. Customer service said there isn’t much they can do if we didn’t get a phone number. Next time we’ll ask for a phone number in case we get cut off – HA! There are some very mean people out there just waiting to take advantage of others! 😦 I just wanted everyone else to be aware of this potential scam and to have a safe and happy holiday.

Now on to the knitting…

A Day Late…

I know, I know I missed WIP Wednesday. The lighting was horrible yesterday and really isn’t any better today, but the show must go on as they say.

First up Trellis,

Two sleeves of Trellis

This two sleeves at a time thing is great, if you can remember where you are and not get too many rows ahead on one sleeve! You can see on the left sleeve I am two rows ahead of the right sleeve. I’ll be ripping back later today.

Next 2nd Pirates Hat…

2nd Pirates redesigned

This hat is coming along nicely. I started on the second row of skulls last night, hopefully my Knit Picks order will be here soon because if not I don’t know that either hat will be finished by Christmas. I only have a few yards left of the black.

Finally some surprises… Christmas Knitting for a few family members that might read this blog, so links to Ravelry projects: 1st gift, 2nd gift, and third.

Hopefully better lighting and well sick people will equal Guinevere Stole photos soon. Hope you guys are having a great week!