Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I promised to be back with our Christmas Cards this year and I aim to deliver, even if it is a couple days after Christmas!

I’ve been using Shutterfly for about 4 years now. I like the quality of their photos, photo books and photo cards, as well as their prompt delivery of said products.

After Caveboy was born I was very insistent on having a family photo each year and would force my guys to comply and the photos always looked like they had been forced, but over the past couple of years I stopped trying to force the photo shoot horror on them and have attempted to just get a few decent photos of Caveboy.


Front – Christmas Card 2013

This year, with my crazy school schedule, work and just normal life stuff, Caveman gave me the best Christmas gift a few months eary – a family photo shoot. Oddly enough even though my guys were cooperating, Caveboy looked like he could cry or was completely bored in most of the photos or they just turned out too blurry or dark.

This cover photo is the very first photo we took and it is completely us right now! Caveman has never been that relaxed in front of the camera so he looks to be more at attention, Caveboy currently sings/rhymes/talks all.the.time. these days and I’m smiling praying everyone else is too! This is what happens when you use the self timer to get family photos, but again this photo is completely us at this stage in our lives.


Back – Christmas Card 2013

I decided to use our Halloween costume photo on the back because it was really cute and turned out remarkably well for an inpromptu family photo. If you’ll recall I wasn’t able to make the dress I had planned for the day of Halloween but the weekend after Halloween I quickly finished it in time for the postponed party at our church where we were able to attend as one of the Duck Dynasty families!! The pink & olive green camo pattern mini dress was a hit along with Caveboy’s fleece beard and Caveman’s attire. It was a great memory and a great photo to include in our Christmas greeting this year!

The individual photos of Caveboy were included because everyone loves to see how much he’s grown. On the cover that photo was taken after we had returned home, in our front yard. The photo on the back was taken during the photo shoot earlier in the day. It was the least dark and actually in focus of the bunch. So I guess you could say this Christmas card is filled with planned and unplanned photos and that makes it all the more special to me.

Shutterfly makes creating cards easy, just upload your digital photo and place in the card. Shutterfly makes picking out a card extremely hard because there are just too many great card templates to choose from!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a very blessed and Happy New Year! See you in 2014!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Shutterfly. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I did not receive anything from Shutterfly to endorse them, I just like passing along info on a good company when I can.

Click It Up A Notch: May!

I’m always trying to improve my photography skills, as you may have guessed. I recently stumbled across the blog Click It Up A Notch. It seems that every month there is a Photography Contest, where you submit one photo you took during the previous month.

Click It Up A Notch

This is my entry, Caveboy a couple of weekends ago just after his bath! His hair is so cute on the longish side, but it’s too hot for summer. Earlier this week he received the much dreaded, by me anyway, hair cut. Of course he’s cute with short hair too, but he just looks so much older! My baby is definitely NO baby anymore. Sometimes his childhood just seems to be passing too quickly!

I love this little to pieces! He’s also started giving real kisses again! Those along with the super squeeze hugs are the absolute best!

Sweet Shot Tuesday: Rolling Hay

Rolling Hay!

A couple of weekends ago we found ourselves at my grandmother’s house. Beside her house is a small hay field. We got there just in time to see the nice farmer come to roll the hay into rolls in preparation for the hay baler. Caveboy went nuts watching the farmer doin’ his thang. While we were inside for lunch he came back and rolled the rows into a couple of bales. Caveboy didn’t notice, but I heard the tractor outside. After lunch I told him we should go out to check on the hay. He was so excited to see the hay bales up close, he points them out everywhere while we drive down the road. He ran right over and touched them. I told him to go stand beside them for a photo and this is what I got! The luckiest shot of the day!

How ’bout you? Have been enjoying any summertime farm fun?



P52 Week 17: Green

Caveboy & I go out each evening and play in the backyard with our little Casey. While out playing one evening I looked up and saw this sight!

Spring in our backyard!

The sky was just a bit bluer in real-life but everything was so green. The sun was setting and the fading sunlight was filtering through the new leaves. It was just beautiful.

I can’t end a post for P52 it seems without including Caveboy, so here’s one of his Easter photos.

Linking Caveboy up to Sweet Shot Tuesday!

Next week with be the 100th Sweet Shot Tuesday! Darcy is celebrating by having a theme for next week’s SST only! The theme is 100….not sure what to do next week but it will be fun to see what everyone comes up with!

Fashion Friday: Big Blue Paisely Florals

Happy Friday All! I’m keeping it casual today on Fashion Friday!

Skirt & Shirt - Thrifted; Belt - Forever 21; Gladiator Sandals - Shoe Show

I thrifted this paisley floral skirt a couple of months ago and it had already seen loads of weekend wear. Throw on a simple tee and this is better than a pair of shorts. It makes me thing of county music, cowgirl boots and chic southern backyard barbeques. The shirt was a nice find last week and is a very nice 100% cotton, but the buttons need to be replaced with something more substantial or the front sewn shut. I like the buttons so I might just sew it shut! I had problems all morning with the top button popping open. A couple of safety pins later and I was good to go for the day!

In other photography/fashion news…ModlyChic is hosting an Instagram photo-a-day challenge for Fashion/Beauty bloggers in May!!! Want to participate? Go here for all the details, but basically just start photographing and add the hashtag #FBPhotoADayMay on May 1st. I’m so excited, I’m new to Instagram, but I plan on participating. If you’d like to follow along with me on Instagram my name is cavegurl.

I’m also linking up today with Girly Mama for
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