Fashion Friday: Mint + Coral

I’m loving all the Mint + Coral looks over at Kristina’s latest Blogger’s Do It Better challenge!

Blouse, Pumps & Skirt – Thrifted; Sweater – JCP; Necklace worn as a bracelet – old

Frankly, these are the only two pieces that I own in Mint & anything closely resembling Coral, there are no others. So this challenge was a hard one and I wasn’t altogether sure I could pull it off, but in the end I think it turned out alright & I did receive a few compliments at work today.

I really like these colors and would like to add more of them to my closet, but so far no luck. Gathering ideas from all the looks I’ve seen on the Mint + Coral BDIB link up, I really like the simplicity of adding a statement necklace or skinny belt to add the color pop to an otherwise neutral outfit. Still working on mastering that one….

Bloggers Do It Better

Today’s Friday Fancies theme is color blocking. I believe my outfit qualifies for this challenge as well, although the color blocking is a bit subtle, but then again I think I like subtle color-blocking best. 😉




Blue & Green 2 Ways

I typically choose my outfit for the day in the morning, just before I need to leave for work. Although there have been occasions where I have planned an outfit around a theme in advance (shocking stuff around these parts!). As seen from last week’s collection I’m not always inspired, but then are other times, like this week, where I get stuck on a group of colors and my outfit creations just create themselves. So I thought I would showcase my latest obsession – Blue & Green.

1st up – Chambray & Pleated Polka-dots

Chambray Shirt – JCP; Polka-Dot Skirt – Thrifted; Belt – Forever 21; Sandals – NAOT via Zappos


& #2 – Green Sweater & Blue Paisley Floral

Sweater & Skirt – Thrifted; Cami -?(old); Bracelet – handmade by me; Sandals – NAOT via Zappos

I like both of these outfits! They are perfect for summer and the office too, however I need to do some serious refashioning to both of these skirts. The polka-dotted skirt needs to be taken in by at least 4 inches and the paisley/floral skirt has a yoke at the top that needs to be turned into a 2″ tall waistband instead. This would raise the hem slightly and put the gathers on my waist as opposed to my hips!

I’m linking up with these wonderful ladies again today!

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Monday Mingle: Tangerine Pop

Happy Monday!! I hope your weekend was wonderful! If you follow me on Instagram you saw Caveboy’s new (to us) play-set that Caveman put up this weekend!

And yes, most of my time since then has been spent outside sliding and swinging and running around and around the thing! We are so blessed to have received the hand-me-down play-set and in such good condition too! Our backyard is really shaping up, only in a completely different way than I originally envisioned! Funny how that happens sometimes! 🙂

Blazer – Target; Sweater & Trousers – JCP; Sandals – Payless

I thought I had an important meeting today, but it got rescheduled for Thursday instead. No big deal, at least I was challenged to dress up today. I decided to keep it simple and just let the sweater pop against the neutrals. You can’t really tell it, but my nails are hot pink which complement the tangerine nicely!

Also I do believe this is the most I’ve worn this white blazer in one year, let alone since I purchased it 8 years ago. It just sat in the back of my closet because I really didn’t know how to style it until now. My white blazer is a closet orphan no more!


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