See You Next Month…

Sorry for the unintended absence,ย  I’ll return to blogging next month. Right now family illness & holding onto loved ones a little tighter is just more important. Life has a way of putting things into perspective sometimes.

Hope you are all well. I loved the Lace outfits last week, but just couldn’t particapate. See you next month!

2012 Ultimate Blog Party!!

I just found out about the 2012 Ultimate Blog Party hosted by and couldn’t resist linking up!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Hello and Welcome!! I’m Monica, writer of Rubys N Purls, wife to an amazing man, Caveman and busy working Mommy to one very busy toddler, Caveboy.

A little about the name, Rubys N Purls. I originally started this blog in my pursuit of learning to knit (or purl), but my interests and subject matter have shifted somewhat! My birthday is in July, therefore my birthstone is a Ruby and I wanted it to relate back to this great verse, Proverbs 31: 10-31

as I strive to serve God in all I do. Then I started dying my hair with henna just over year ago, so I guess I became “Ruby” in a sense!

This is my Caveman, my best friend and soul-mate. My life didn’t begin until I met him and he has been the best thing to have ever happened to me!

My Caveman!!

This is our little Caveboy! He is into everything, says the cutest things & we love him to pieces!

His shirt says, "Daddy's Little Monster!" So true! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This blog has been a hodge-podge of my life. On any given day you might see posts on crafting/sewing, photography, Mommy attempting fashion/style, Thrifting, gushing about my Cavemen, Christian Living and Home Decor/Improvements as I continue to make our house into our home.

Take a look around, thank you for stopping and I look forward to meeting all of you!

Going Red: One Year Later (Part 1)

It’s been a whole year since I took the plunge and went RED with my hair color. I have promised a post on why I went red in the past, so naturally the year anniversary is the perfect time to give you all the sordid details, LOL. I’m breaking this into a 2 part post because it got a little long! ๐Ÿ˜‰

In all seriousness, here are actually a couple of reasons for the change and both are health related.

Reason #1:ย  The last time I colored my hair with chemicals (with over the counter hair color) back in November 2010, my scalp burned & tingled & felt white-hot. Scared me to death!!!! It got me to thinking that I might be just a little too vain trying to cover up all the grays and left me asking myself if coloring my hair really worth risking my health over? So I started researching problems associated with chemically coloring your hair and the symptoms people were experiencing. In one story I read, a woman had been coloring her hair since she was 18 but when she turned 38 she went in for a routine “touch-up” and ended up in the ER with her scalp blistering and hair coming out in clumps! Not what I call fun or worth covering up a few gray hairs!! This condition is known as Para-Phenylenediamine or PPD. I also found out that most stylists end up with cancer too!

Reason #2: Now here’s a personal note that I didn’t share while it was happening because it was just too much to handle at the time, but while I was preggers with Cavebaby, someone very close to me was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has since recovered. Before it was all over she had a double mastectomy along with chemo and radiation treatments. Afterwards, she & I were discussing the different factors and possibilities we believed that could have lead to her cancer. One such factor was about 6 years before, she began getting her hair colored with 2 or 3 colors each time at about six to 8 week intervals. Now she doesn’t go anywhere near the stuff because of the adverse reactions to the chemo and that it could cause the cancer to come back.

So all this got me to looking for natural alternatives to coloring your hair. I knew about peroxide and lemon juice, but in my Google search I came across coloring your hair with henna on The Henna for Hair website. I’d heard about henna years ago but didn’t really know that much about it other than it turned your hair red. I’ve always wanted to become a redhead! My grandmother was a redhead and I have always love auburn red. (Anne of Green Gables anyone?) After reading and reading The Henna for Hair website, I decided to order a couple of samples to test on my hair. Let me just stop here, if you didn’t catch it from my #1 reason above, but my hair was chemically fried light blonde. I was a little nervous about using henna on my fried hair because of the warnings I had read on coloring your chemically treated hair with henna. As stated on the warnings page, if you purchase “colored” henna from a local health store, your chemically colored hair will at the very least turn green and at the very worst come out in clumps – again not my idea of a good time, so do your research. If you are so inclined to try hennaing your hair, which I highly recommend obviously, please do your research and educate yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since henna is a plant and each crop contains different amounts of Lawsone, I wanted to see the differences in the different batches you can buy. As recommended on the Henna for Hair site, I collected a few bundles of my hair from my hair brush while I waited on the samples to arrive. Once they arrived I followed the instructions and reviewed the results. Overall I really didn’t learn that much from my samples, LOL, other than my hair turned slightly varying shades of bright red. Although I couldn’t tell that much difference in the samples, I decided on a batch to purchase and went for it with about 2″ of new dark-blonde growth and the rest being chemically treated fried light blonde.

Disclaimer Notice: This post is in no way paid for or sponsored by Henna for Hair,, Catherine Cartwright-Jones or anyone from the Henna for Hair website. I am simply giving you the names and websites of the products I used and my experiences with them.

Changes…until further notice.

I know this is extremely short notice and probably completely unnecessary, but I have decided to take the blog down until further notice. I hope it can come back in some capacity very soon, but it probably won’t have as much personal info as it has had in the past. I have really enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you. Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting or just reading.

I will still be available over on Ravelry and on Flickr, so check me out over there. Thank you all for understanding. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ode to the joys of Remodeling…

I apologize for the silence this week, but boy have we been busy!

Master Bath Before

Master Bath Before

Dad, Caveman & I have been up to our eyeballs in this bathroom all week. Oh and Home Depot is my new favorite hangout! LOL!

Let’s start with the photo on the left, shall we? Caveman & I ripped and sawed the fiberglass shower/tub out on Monday. It spanned the entire width of that side of the room (5′). Oh and the door no longer opens into the room, instead we took it out and turned it around so now it will open into the bedroom. Much better!!

In the center photo that is where the toilet used to be and was taken out 4 months ago when we had to septic problems. Sorry for the horrible photo!

In the photo on the right, the new toilet will be where the purple/blue trash can is and we finally have the gapping whole sealed off after finishing up the plumbing below. Now we can put in a new vanity soon.

We’ve definitely had some crazy mishaps that set us back for a short time, but it’s only brought us closer in the end! LOL So far it’s mostly been prep work so we can start building back. Thankfully we installed new bathroom fans that actually vent to the outside. Tomorrow we will be installing the shower and then the flooring is next, before we can get the toilet back together. We were originally going to go with tile in the bathrooms, but I think Dad has us talked into hardwood flooring like the rest of the house.

It seems like the work will never end, but hopefully I’ll be back soon with more photos. Hope everyone is having a great week!!