Re-Organizing Our Home…


I recently shared my ideas on redesigning our home, since then I’ve been reorganizing our home in the hopes of making our tasks and chores more efficient.

At the top of my list – The Kitchen!

Aside from a complete kitchen makeover, complete with a newly redesigned cabinets, I’m attempting to reorganize and even purge my kitchen. My pots and pans typically stack within each other nicely but their corresponding lids were everywhere! I took my completely unorganized and “looking like a bomb went off” pots/pans/lids cabinet to a much more organized cabinet with the help of this sweet baby!


#TargetThreshold Pot Lid Rack

I shared these photos on Instagram recently because I was beyond excited with the pot lid rack/storage I picked up from Target’s Threshold Collection.


AFTER: Organized!! Ah, much better!!

Now let’s talk cheap under the kitchen sink storage. I know there are many pricey items you can purchase or even DIY to make the space under the kitchen sink more organized, just take an afternoon stroll through Pinterst! But for now I’m not going with any of them! Instead I’ve picked up a few smaller plastic baskets and even a couple of magazine storage folders from Target’s dollar spot (BTW – this isn’t a @Target sponsored post – but I wish it was! 🙂 ) to help corral my dish-washing/cleaning supplies perihelia!

Take all your messy sponges & scrubbers and put them in a plastic freezer bag and seal so that… 1.) they last longer & 2.) they’re easier to store. After this step I also had enough room to add my rubber gloves and a pouch of cleaning wipes!


And finally my simple solution to corralling the plastic grocery bags we re-use as trash can liners. Take an empty Kleenex box (or your tissue brand of choice), fold the plastic bags neatly, and stack them inside the box. I fold mine in half, in half again and then in a zig/zag pattern by thirds from top to bottom so I can layer them. When we pull one out the next one pops up!


I’ve also put a few smaller cleaning supplies in these cute little pink plastic baskets!


I’ll be highlighting other places throughout our home and hopefully a few more in the kitchen too, that I’m slowly organizing/purging in future posts.

Casual Fashion Friday: I’ve got the Blues

It’s Friday!! And snowing!!! I’m still wishing for spring, though!

I've got the Blues!

Blouse – Talbots, Cardigan – Target & Jeans – All Thrifted, Boots – Easy Spirit

I thought I’d end the week on a blue note. After getting dressed this morning Caveman said, “Wow honey, those blues look really good on you!”. Thanks sweetie!!! I love it when my man thinks I look good, for me that’s what its all about. Lookin’ good for him and representing our family well.


And I was photo-bombed again, so naturally this is how I attempted to act casual! 😉 Have a happy weekend all!


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Favorite Frock Friday

EBEW: Monochrome – White

Sweater – Thrifted, Capri’s – Target; Purse – JCP; Sandals – old

Even though I didn’t get my submission onto the site, I did take my photo for my monochrome outfit the other evening. I’ve seen quite a few white outfits with darker brown leather accessories and thought I would attempt to recreate the look.

I’m still attempting to get back into my blogging routine but work has been hectic lately and having a kindle app on my phone isn’t helping to slow down the book consumption either! LOL, hope you all are having a great week.

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Polka Dots & Capri’s

Happy Wednesday All!! Can you believe it’s the middle of July already?!

Polka Dots Blouse – Thrifted; Capri’s – Target; Sandals – Payless (old)

As I’m sure it is with all of you as well, summer is a busy time for us; so I’ve been taking a break from blogging to spend time with my family and celebrate the 4th as well as yet another birthday! 😉

For today’s outfit I wanted to highlight my recently thrifted blouse, so I kept my outfit really simple. White pants/Capri’s/jeans always make any outfit instantly classic, but the navy & white combo are especially classic. Also the subtle polka dots don’t over power this blouse, keeping with the simple classic theme.


Hope everyone is doing great and you are enjoying your summer!

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WIWW: Blue & Green

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I treated myself to a much overdue hair cut, well trim actually, with a new stylist/salon here in downtown Knoxville!

Ask for Christina (hi!!), she does a great job and is super nice to chat with while getting your hair styled too!

Sweater & Leopard Tank – Target; Jeans – Thrifted; Sandals – Merrell via Zappos

I know, there really isn’t that much difference, but still…it feels so much better!! I loved it that Christina did exactly what I wanted and said it looked like I had gotten my hair colored in a salon with an ombre effect! Double win for me! Thank you!!


And just for fun, I kept going with the Blue & Green theme I’ve got going this week! Oddly I don’t think anyone’s noticed yet?

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