Warm Winter Style: Winter Whites

Happy Wednesday Ya’ll!! Boy is it cold out here!

Winter Whites

Coat – JCP, Chunky Scarf – Julep (Christmas gift), Sweater & Corduroys – Thrifted, bag – TJ Maxx, Boots – Easy Spirit

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m getting rained on, the wind is blowing and it is cold, cold, cold! But I’m actually really warm here. I’m doing my best this winter to stay warm and hopefully dry. Layers, as always, is where it’s at and today is no exception!

My inspiration came from Tueday’s #CoasttoCoastChallenge Winter Whites!

I really like pairing this thrifted sweater with a plain white long sleeved knit top, it really helps the sweater stand out and keeps me warm too. I layered on this chunky scarf that’s super cozy along with my wool coat and cozy thick corduroy pants to finish out the look. I bought this coat, on sale, roughly 8 years ago thinking it would be a good winter staple. It certainly has been, I’ve worn it almost every winter since.

One of the suggestions was to add black accessories and shoes. With today’s wintery weather I was really glad to have the sturdy black boots keeping me warm and dry. I added the black belt over my sweater to help tie in the black bag and shoes. What do you think, did I pull it off!


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Warm Winter Style: Neon Brights

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope everyone’s weekend was great! Ours was extremely laid back and we really didn’t do much which was a nice change after the last month or so and getting back into our normal routines last week.

Neon Brights

Silk Blouse & Cardigan – Thrifted, Black Cords – JCP, Loafers – Target, Bag – TJ Maxx

I thought to brighten my dreary day with this cardigan and blouse combo. It’s been raining all weekend and doesn’t look to stop until mid-week. The warmer temps were nice over the weekend, but today we are back to cold rain.

Despite the cardigan being thin it is actually really warm.  Both of the blouse and cardigan are really loose, so to define my waist a bit more I added the belt.


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Warm Winter Style: Americana

Happy New Year! Hello 2013!!


I’m glad to say goodbye to 2012, not because it was a bad year or anything – in fact it was a time of personal & professional growth for me; but I’m just really excited to move forward with 2013 & all its possibilities.

I’m not going to make thousands of resolutions this year, personally I’ve never been big on making resolutions.  Sure I want to exercise, eat right, read my Bible, be a good great wife & mother, but these are all things I already try to do in my daily life, so why make a resolution about it. Instead I plan on trying to be the best me I can be each and everyday. For the blog…I’d like to continue pushing myself to find my style. I’ve followed lots of trends over this past year, some were good and some I just didn’t like. I like a good fashion challenge as much as the next gal, so this winter I’m going issue a personal challenge to myself.

Personal Winter Fashion Challenge:  Warm and stylish outfits, because in winters past I frozen in the name of fashion! LOL! Hopefully I can give you a few new ideas, but maybe you will share a few of your ideas with me too! Either way we can all stay warm and stylish this winter!

That being said, I’d like to start off with a bit of Americana!


Sweater – JCP(old), Blouse & Corduroy Pants – Thrifted

These are the Anne Taylor Loft Corduroy Pants I thrifted for $8 bucks last year and I still love them.  They are just so comfortable and warm too. Every year I pull out this favorite sweater and try to wear it in new ways. It’s actually a really warm sweater so I’m always glad for the 3/4 length sleeves. Finally the polka-dot blouse just pulls it all together. Warm and stylish!


That’s all I’ve got for now. It’s back to work soon and our regular routine, I’m really looking forward to it too! LOL! Hope you holidays were merry & bright!

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Winter Challenge: Scared Stiff & Orphans

Today is the last day of the Winter Edition 10 Day Challenge over at Freckles in April. After participating in both challenges I can now put together an outfit in my head and just go put it on, instead of standing in the middle of my closet for 30 minutes just staring blankly at everything before me. I always feel more confident about my dress after these challenges and get better at putting together an outfit that would normally be out of my comfort zone. I guess what I’m trying to say here is, “Thank You, Kayla for hosting and pushing me out of my style rut though these challenges”! Is there going to be a Spring Edition???? 😉

Today’s final challenge is wear something that scares you!

Colored pants have always scared me, even though I bought a great pair of cranberry pants from Chadwick’s over 10 years ago. I never wore them until this Christmas. I could justify wearing them on Christmas because they were festive and appropriate for the day! HA. Today I’m wearing them and I hope I’m doing them justice.

Pants - Chadwicks; Jean Shirt - JCP; Gray Cardigan - Thrifted (GAP); Sunglasses - RayBan (Caveman's); Booties - ?(old); Bag - MIL

I’m also linking up to IMG_4680-1 for O is for closet Orphan. These pants, although worn on Christmas are still technically a closet orphan. It feels good to get them out and wear them already.

And because I just found this linky party today, I’m linking up to the Awkward Girls Jean Shirt Challenge

Awkward Girls to show how I’m wearing my jeans shirt today too!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Winter Challenge: Group OTI

When I first saw this over the weekend, I was excited and nervous all at the same time. My mind screamed – I don’t own a teal skirt or awesome black peep-toe heels, although I wish I did! But then I reminded myself that this was an interpretation, not an actual copy of the outfit. It was then I knew what I would wear.

Inspiration Photo for Group OTI Challenge

My attempt at the exact pose!

In my interpretation I simply switched up the colors, green on top and a neutral tan on the bottom. I picked up this oversized green sweater at Old Navy for $6 in December and the skirt for $2 at a church rummage sale this past summer. Although I do own a brown bag about this same size, I’ve been carrying this one my MIL gifted me this Christmas and it matches my shoes too!

Sweater - Old Navy; Shirt - Eddie Bauer; Skirt - Thrifted; Patent Leather Shoes - Target; Bag - Gift from MIL

I opted to wear nude/sheer hose today. My track record, dating back to when I was a little girl, is really bad when it comes to not getting a hole in my hose before the end of the day. Today was a bad day for wearing them; I got them on great but in a 10 minute span once I got to work, 1 hole on each leg – before 9 am! Do you know – I wore them anyway!!! They weren’t that bad at first, but by the end of the day I had to trash them. I felt a little like Kate today, wearing my sheer hose.

Overall I loved this outfit and will be sure to wear it again!

This is a really simple outfit, but it is so classic and comfortable; and something I would never to have put together. Now I’m going to do this with other skirts and sweater combos the rest of this winter, going into the spring. This has been my favorite outfit yet, a definite win!

I'm wearing simple pearl earrings to compliment my simple outfit.

Also linking up to IMG_4680-1 for neon and neutrals today. The green isn’t quite neon, but it is bright so I’m going with it!