P52 Week 17: Green

Caveboy & I go out each evening and play in the backyard with our little Casey. While out playing one evening I looked up and saw this sight!

Spring in our backyard!

The sky was just a bit bluer in real-life but everything was so green. The sun was setting and the fading sunlight was filtering through the new leaves. It was just beautiful.

I can’t end a post for P52 it seems without including Caveboy, so here’s one of his Easter photos.

Linking Caveboy up to Sweet Shot Tuesday!

Next week with be the 100th Sweet Shot Tuesday! Darcy is celebrating by having a theme for next week’s SST only! The theme is 100….not sure what to do next week but it will be fun to see what everyone comes up with!

P52 Week 14: Foolin’ Around

Many years ago we cut down a tree in our back yard, now there is only a rotten stump left. Caveboy thinks it so so much fun to climb up and try to stand on the rotten stump, me not so much.

So the other day we were all out playing with the dog, Caveboy is insistent he climb up on said stump. Caveman decided to see what he could do about the stump!

A couple of boot kicks later and that baby was outta there! Now Caveboy wants to play in the muddy hole left by the stump! LOL, he is all boy!

P52 Week 11,12, & 13

I fell behind on getting these posted each week so today I’m playing catch-up.

P52 Week 13: Details

These next photos, for weeks 13 & 12  were taken at the University of KY Hospital in Lexington, KY. There is a wall mural just outside of the Children’s Hospital elevators (don’t worry Caveboy hasn’t been there, we were visiting a family member there recently), it is a giant puzzle made from different kinds of wood. I thought it was really interesting and took some photos to share with Caveboy and now you.

Giant Wall Mural located in a corner, next to the Children's Hospital elevators.

Here is a detailed shot of the raccoon…

Cute little Raccoon

P52 Week 12: Hunger

Here’s a shot of the squirrel!

You better not try to get my acorn!

P52 Week 11: The “eyes” of March

Finally here’s my little Caveboy. He was jumping on Dad & Mom’s bed, which is against the rules, while I was trying to get him to lay still. He jumped then laid down for a second, I snapped the photo then he was up and jumping again.

A lucky shot I got of the little guy between jumping on our bed!