I Won a Copy of The Nesting Place!

You may have heard recently, but the Nester just released her new book last weekend! In the weeks leading up to the book’s release date the Nester has been giving away copies on various blogs around the blogosphere. I’ve entered a few of the giveaways in hopes of scoring a copy. One such blog is The Inspired Room, a blog I have enjoyed following immensely over the past few years.


I WON!!! Can you believe it?! I can’t wait to read the Nester’s book and have Caveman read it too!!

Last night I told him about winning the book, Nester’s journey in writing the book, their family’s story of moving so many times, where they are now and her vision for their new place. I’m so happy he’s interested to reading it too, even with me. I told him about her principle, It Doesn’t have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful (#idhtbptbb) and how I want to incorporate this principle, together with him, in our home. Caveman agrees and is completely on board.

After a little over 10 years together, we’ve gotten better at communicating in general lol, but also communicating our dreams and desires for our home and lives together. Or maybe it’s that we’ve gotten better at actually listening to each other, either way I’m embracing it. I thank God every day for our family, our lives together and for the growing up I’ve certainly done in those years.

While we haven’t moved since we bought our home 10 years ago this May, we have remodeled it in different phases throughout that time. Our poor hall bath has been repainted twice so far and needs another paint job now. As Caveman said just this morning you can only pause for so long on home improvement projects before something else needs to be done or redone! My style and tastes in design have evolved and changed to such a degree that I would love to repaint the entire house now, but especially our master bedroom. Maybe this year? I hope so, but if not that’s ok too. Right now while Caveboy is little I’m trying to stay focused on this phase of our lives because he’s already 4 1/2! How does this happen? It seems like just a few months ago I was bringing him home from the hospital!

ETA: Today’s Joy Dare prompt is 3 gifts about your home for which you are thankful! How fitting!!

1.) Our home offers us protection and shelter from the elements.

2.) Our home has come a long way from the day we moved in, but I know it’s not as good as I hope we can make it!

3.) It’s small, so that just means we have to make conscious decisions about what we put in it and purge often!

What are 3 gifts about your home you are thankful?

Once I receive my copy, I’ll be sure to post a full review of the book here. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome though, I mean I’ve read her blog for years and completely love it so this book is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit too!

My 2014 Un-word: Un-Available

So last week I declared my word of the year would be JOY and I would be taking the #JoyDare and actively following along with the #JesusProject. Then I was over at The Nesters and saw she was declaring an UN-WORD for the year as well! I love this idea and there are too many to count that I could declare but I believe I’ve narrowed down the root of the problem.

unavailable no more

UN-AVAILABLE: That’s my UN-WORD for 2014.

If I’m unavailable I can become easily annoyed when someone or something needs my time. When I’m unavailable my guys aren’t enjoying me and I’m completely missing out. If I’m unavailble my time, time with my little guy (who will only be little once!) and my big guy (who gives so much to keep our home running smoothly) is slipping away. I certainly don’t want to look back on this time from some distant point in the future and realize too late that I was unavailable and missed out.

Accountability – I want to come back to this space each month (this is subject to change) and give an update on how I’m doing with this. I’ve already implemented a NO-phone/internet/social media at night when I’m with my family, multi-task as much as possible (you’d be surprised in how many areas you aren’t really implementing this…), play and engage my guys more and finally, just plain leaving the chores until after Caveboy’s bed-time. As I learn new ways to better utilize my time or any tips/tricks I’ll be sure to share.

My UN-WORD reiterates my goals for 2014 to become a better person/wife/mother. So far…I’ve gotten a little better and claimed small victories, but I’ve also fallen flat on my face. This post right here…it will grab you by the throat and shove the mirror of truth right up in your face, then explain how to find restoration for you and your child. Love this lady’s insights and I’m her newest follower. Be sure to check her out!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I promised to be back with our Christmas Cards this year and I aim to deliver, even if it is a couple days after Christmas!

I’ve been using Shutterfly for about 4 years now. I like the quality of their photos, photo books and photo cards, as well as their prompt delivery of said products.

After Caveboy was born I was very insistent on having a family photo each year and would force my guys to comply and the photos always looked like they had been forced, but over the past couple of years I stopped trying to force the photo shoot horror on them and have attempted to just get a few decent photos of Caveboy.


Front – Christmas Card 2013

This year, with my crazy school schedule, work and just normal life stuff, Caveman gave me the best Christmas gift a few months eary – a family photo shoot. Oddly enough even though my guys were cooperating, Caveboy looked like he could cry or was completely bored in most of the photos or they just turned out too blurry or dark.

This cover photo is the very first photo we took and it is completely us right now! Caveman has never been that relaxed in front of the camera so he looks to be more at attention, Caveboy currently sings/rhymes/talks all.the.time. these days and I’m smiling praying everyone else is too! This is what happens when you use the self timer to get family photos, but again this photo is completely us at this stage in our lives.


Back – Christmas Card 2013

I decided to use our Halloween costume photo on the back because it was really cute and turned out remarkably well for an inpromptu family photo. If you’ll recall I wasn’t able to make the dress I had planned for the day of Halloween but the weekend after Halloween I quickly finished it in time for the postponed party at our church where we were able to attend as one of the Duck Dynasty families!! The pink & olive green camo pattern mini dress was a hit along with Caveboy’s fleece beard and Caveman’s attire. It was a great memory and a great photo to include in our Christmas greeting this year!

The individual photos of Caveboy were included because everyone loves to see how much he’s grown. On the cover that photo was taken after we had returned home, in our front yard. The photo on the back was taken during the photo shoot earlier in the day. It was the least dark and actually in focus of the bunch. So I guess you could say this Christmas card is filled with planned and unplanned photos and that makes it all the more special to me.

Shutterfly makes creating cards easy, just upload your digital photo and place in the card. Shutterfly makes picking out a card extremely hard because there are just too many great card templates to choose from!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a very blessed and Happy New Year! See you in 2014!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Shutterfly. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I did not receive anything from Shutterfly to endorse them, I just like passing along info on a good company when I can.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there!!

Kisses, Mom, little boys

Kisses and Squeeze-y Hugs are the Best!

It’s been three & a half years since my life was forever altered and I became “Mommy”, currently “Mommy Spinosaurus!” – Caveboy has dubbed us the Spinosaurus Family. 😉

eat_it, dandelion, little boys

Pretending to eat the dandelion!

I will never forget the joy of being pregnant and getting to “take him to work with me!” or his birth and the way he just stared at me after delivery – while I was completely overwhelmed, silently wondering if I could give him back because I wasn’t sure I was cutout to be his Mom. The joy of nursing this little mewing bundle of sweetness, his 1st smile, 1st laugh, 1st steps, 1st words and the 1st time he read a street sign to me unprompted at 12 months old!

rolling Hay, little boys

Rolling Hay!

Being a Mom has evolved with each and every new milestone, new age, heck – each new day! Being a Mom is the hardest challenge I have ever faced. I see my personality reflected back at me daily and sometimes – I don’t like what I see, so I change it. I want so badly to get this right. I want so badly to help mold him and shape him into the Godly man he will someday be. I know today the foundation is being laid for tomorrow. I’m not always the patient, gentle, kind, or considerate Mom I should be; but there is a little boy and a wonderful man and my Savior in Heaven who love me, forgive me and help me to be those things. I am forever grateful & humbled!

wild_hair, bathtime

Clean as new!

Caveboy has been amazing to watch as he has grown into his own unique personality. I constantly remind myself to step back and let him grow. He challenges me every day, tries my patience until I’m not sure I can take any more and then says, “I love you Mommy Spinosaurus!” and of course I melt. 😀

Caveman came home late from work the other day and Caveboy ran to him and wrapped his arms around him with an enthusiastic “Daddy, you’re home! I love you!”. To which Caveman turned to look at me and say, “There’s nothing better, is there?”. There really isn’t!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

To Nana: Happy Mother’s Day!! Thank you for all that you do for our little guy and for all you’ve done for me too! XOXO

See You Next Month…

Sorry for the unintended absence,  I’ll return to blogging next month. Right now family illness & holding onto loved ones a little tighter is just more important. Life has a way of putting things into perspective sometimes.

Hope you are all well. I loved the Lace outfits last week, but just couldn’t particapate. See you next month!