Sweet Shot Tuesday: Rolling Hay

Rolling Hay!

A couple of weekends ago we found ourselves at my grandmother’s house. Beside her house is a small hay field. We got there just in time to see the nice farmer come to roll the hay into rolls in preparation for the hay baler. Caveboy went nuts watching the farmer doin’ his thang. While we were inside for lunch he came back and rolled the rows into a couple of bales. Caveboy didn’t notice, but I heard the tractor outside. After lunch I told him we should go out to check on the hay. He was so excited to see the hay bales up close, he points them out everywhere while we drive down the road. He ran right over and touched them. I told him to go stand beside them for a photo and this is what I got! The luckiest shot of the day!

How ’bout you? Have been enjoying any summertime farm fun?



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