Black & Teal Pop

In years past my style was mainly based on comfort. However over the past year, as I’ve embraced the current trends, comfort hasn’t always been the deciding factor in my outfit choices. That being said, today’s outfit is all about comfort. It’s so comfortable it’s almost like wearing pajamas!

Shrug – Forever 21; Tank – Target; Slacks – JCP; Sandals – Shoe Show

I didn’t really put that much thought into assembling this outfit either. I knew I wanted to wear these basic black pants, but that was it. In deciding on a top, I thought this teal tank would be a nice pop of color and despite the continued oppressive heat, inside the office gets a little cold so I often wear a light sweater or shrug like this charcoal shrug from Forever 21. Finally the black strappy sandals keep the outfit dressy enough for the office. I love it when an outfit comes together almost effortlessly.


I got a few compliments on this one today too!

pleated poppy

Leopard & Polka Dots

Tank - Target; Skirt & Belt - Thrifted; Shoes - Payless; Bangle - old!

I’ve been away at a work conference this week with very limited internet access due to the remote location. I love participating in the group Open to Interpretation challenges Kayla, Amy and Erica host every so often, but when Kayla posted this month’s theme I knew I had to participate. (Click the links to see their great interpretations!!)

You see I just thrifted this vintage, pleated, green, polka dot skirt last week. When I bought it I knew it was a great find, but little did I know it would be the perfect match to this months OTI challenge!

Tank - Target; Cardigan, Skirt & Belt - Thrifted; Shoes - Payless; Bangle - old!

I also recently found this great leopard cowl tank at Target for $5 bucks! I was so excited about this outfit I put it together last week when the prompt went up! LOL The skirt is too big, so for today I pinned it in the back, but you can’t tell because of the pleats.

Hair Up

I had so much fun putting this outfit together and Caveman thought I was sexy, so bonus points there too! My Mom not a fan, but you can’t win them all! 😉

I’m linking up to quite a few blogs today, so here they are in no particular order!

pleated poppy

Joining in on Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

Sydney of The Daybook is still moving in to a new place with hubby Tyson & soon-to-be-delivered new baby boy; but she’s normally the host of Awkward & Awesome Thursdays. I’ve always wanted to join in the fun, because let’s face it I’m pretty awkward, but just never took the time to post – until today, so here goes.


  • Not knowing how to spell A.w.k.w.a.r.d.
  • Dribbling coffee on my white skirt
  • Having to give a presentation this afternoon – see above coffee incident
  • Protestors outside of my office – not my decision people!
  • Conversation between Nana & Caveboy this morning:
Nana: “Let’s see if we can sit down here and potty?”
Caveboy: “Awkward!”, said much like a “Valley Girl”
   (Learned from the movie “The Cat & The Hat” staring Mike Myers!!)


  • The week is almost over!!
  • Caveboy is potty training himself this past week!!! OK, so he’s got a little help from Nana & I
  • Caveman is coming home!!
  • I made it through the presentation – alive – LOL, it actually went really well
  • Even though I was supposed to lead the presentation, the client ended up doing so!
  • I actually posted this on Thursday!


Me on my way to my interview!

Me on my way to my interview!

This is the pic I sent Caveman on my way to the interview yesterday morning. The interview went pretty well. The job would be doing the exact same thing I’m doing now, only I would actually work for the State as opposed to being a contractor. They seemed to like me and I sent a follow up email this afternoon. I hope that was good and won’t be perceived as being too pushy. I should hear back from them towards the end of the month. If they do choose to go with me, then I was told they wanted me to start around Sept. 15. Yeah, that is going to be fun. Selling the house, moving, me living somewhere in the interim. Oh and the boss wants me to continue doing my current job while doing the new job. That should be lots of fun!!

I’m so glad it’s finally Friday! I’ve been working like crazy this week and possibly this weekend. There’s not much to report on my knitting or on the home improvements. This weekend we plan to finish up in the Master Bed/Bath and start on the next room by next week. I don’t plan on getting any sleep in order to accomplish these tasks!  LOL

You guys have a great weekend. I’ll be back with more next week.