Colored Jeans Wednesday

I thought I’d attempt my recently thrifted cobalt jeans again today! I love this color. I used to have a beautiful cobalt sweater but I’m afraid it got donated  a few years back. I miss this sweater…

Yellow Tee- Target; Olive Sweater - JCP; Pants, Gingham Shirt, Scarf & Bag - Thrifted; Loafers - ???

I really thought my loafers matched my purse better, oh well… You may also be wondering why I’m wearing three shirts in such beautiful, sunny,  deceptively warm looking weather; it’s because its barely above 50 degrees and there is an expected hard freeze tonight! This is after most all the flowering trees are a distant memory and it looks like mid-May outside. Winter is giving us one last kick in the pants this week! LOL!

I gave the red lipstick a go again today. I’m trying not to look so washed out!

I’m linking up with my favorites again on this glorious Wednesday! Happy Hump Day Everyone!

pleated poppy


7 thoughts on “Colored Jeans Wednesday

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