2012 Ultimate Blog Party!!

I just found out about the 2012 Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5MinutesForMom.com and couldn’t resist linking up!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Hello and Welcome!! I’m Monica, writer of Rubys N Purls, wife to an amazing man, Caveman and busy working Mommy to one very busy toddler, Caveboy.

A little about the name, Rubys N Purls. I originally started this blog in my pursuit of learning to knit (or purl), but my interests and subject matter have shifted somewhat! My birthday is in July, therefore my birthstone is a Ruby and I wanted it to relate back to this great verse, Proverbs 31: 10-31

as I strive to serve God in all I do. Then I started dying my hair with henna just over year ago, so I guess I became “Ruby” in a sense!

This is my Caveman, my best friend and soul-mate. My life didn’t begin until I met him and he has been the best thing to have ever happened to me!

My Caveman!!

This is our little Caveboy! He is into everything, says the cutest things & we love him to pieces!

His shirt says, "Daddy's Little Monster!" So true! 😉

This blog has been a hodge-podge of my life. On any given day you might see posts on crafting/sewing, photography, Mommy attempting fashion/style, Thrifting, gushing about my Cavemen, Christian Living and Home Decor/Improvements as I continue to make our house into our home.

Take a look around, thank you for stopping and I look forward to meeting all of you!


9 thoughts on “2012 Ultimate Blog Party!!

  1. Nice to meet you! Great site, and I love how you came up with the name 🙂 Hope you’ll visit me, too, at the UBP!

  2. Your cave people are ADORABLE. I can’t wait to take a better look around and get to know you better. Visiting you back from the UBP *on a side note, you were hard to find, I ended up having to search for you the old fashion way, I googled you!

    amy @ whilewearingheels.blogspot.com

    • I apologize for being so hard to find, but I’m glad you found me! Good to know Google works,LOL!

      Thanks for stopping by and looking around. Thank you for the compliments on my Cavemen too! 😉

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